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Virginia Carter - First Lady of A.L. Williams

Mid-December 1980 I met Virginia Carter and my life was changed forever. She took a 25 year old wet behind the ears and began the process of molding me to the person I am today. Just as with my father, every meeting was a life lesson. I learned the importance of doing what you say, being accountable and that your reputation is everything. She filled me with books like “The Spirit Controlled Temperament” by Tim Lahaye; "Psyco-cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz; and "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

We set down in January of 1981 and laid out my life plan. Even years after I had left the company, we would meet annually to see how I was doing toward achieving my plan. She inspired me to start my first corporate Bible Study that was held in her office for many years. She was also the main catalyst in encouraging me to venture out and launch my own financial planning practice in 1991.

Virginia Carter was born during the depression era. She worked very hard as a single mother raising 4 children. She was 59 when I met her and had just achieved great financial success with the start of a company out of Atlanta, A.L. Williams. Virginia was one of the founders and leaders of this company until her death at age 89.

My life today is still very impacted by her lessons. Never underestimate the power of a vision and having a plan. Whose life are you impacting today?

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