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My earliest memory as a child was walking out into the peach orchard and grabbing a fresh peach off the tree. There is nothing better than a good ole Georgia Peach. The best are at the end of the season, which is right now. At this time of the year, my father and I would go around to find the best peaches for our homemade ice cream. 50 years ago Middle Georgia was a peach haven. Over the years most of the orchards have disappeared due to development and growth. There are still a few growers around that proudly carry the famous Georgia Peach: Dickeys, Lane & Pearson.

My favorite is Dickeys. If you want to step back in time, take a road trip to Dickeys this weekend. It is located in Musella, GA off US 341, south of Barnesville and west of Forsyth. It is worth the trip to enjoy the taste of Georgia.

It's important to remember those special moments in our lives. Stop – Take time to reflect – enjoy life to its fullest. What is your favorite memory? Share it with someone else!


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