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Celebrating 42 Years!

For our anniversary we usually head to the beach, our favorite spot is the Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island. That was not in the cards this year, so instead we chose a staycation.

We broke away for a few hours today and went fishing at a neighbor’s pond. As usual Rachel showed me up!

As we headed back home, I remembered a fish story.

Back in the 90’s there was a weekly men’s luncheon & Bible Study hosted by Dr. Hinson at Rehoboth Baptist Church. One week the men at my table were all sharing fish stories. I listened and finally said: "I have one that will top them all. Right now my wife is out fishing at Lake Jackson. When I arrive home this afternoon, she will have them cleaned and cooked with all the fixings." They were silent, until one man asked, can my wife come and sit by your wife for a while? I am truly blessed.

We enjoyed a great day celebrating our anniversary!

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