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Country Living

I work in the city but transitioned my home to the country earlier this year.

People often ask, 'don’t you miss the city, what is so great about the country?'

Here are a few thoughts about my country living.

The nights are calm.

The stars are bright.

The beauty of the first light before dawn.

The rooster crowing in the distance.

The clean crisp air.

Bright blue sky.

The birds praising at dawn and crickets in the night.

Bees and humming birds buzzing by.

The array of colors throughout the landscape.

The slower pace - people are not in a hurry.

Closest neighbor is half mile away.

Sound of rain hitting the tin roof.

Watching the evening storms roll thru.

The fireplace crackling in the winter.

Cows mooing.

Farm tractors plowing and harvesting.

Fresh vegetables and fruit.

Abundant wildlife all around.

Bob White Quail in the morn.

Whip a Will’s in the evening.

Solitude at its best.

Come join us. There is still plenty of land in the country. Is it time to slow down and relax? It’s worth it.

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