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Right - Wrong

It is said a picture is worth a 1000 words. A few years ago a friend in Texas wrote a book “Potted Meat and Politics”. The cover tells the story, he is sitting on a toilet reading the paper in the middle of a cotton field.

Yesterday, I broke one of my cardinal rules and entered into a discussion on politics with a client. It started innocently as an economic update and quickly morphed into politics. I have no problem with a healthy debate among friends but am reminded of Paul’s writings, paraphrased: let no unwholesome talk come from your mouth but what is gratifying.

There is a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek that addresses the Why, How & What. The How and What today is defined by the many labels we place on each other: Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, etc. The Why is right or wrong, it’s called morality. We need to refocus on conversations back to the Why. Our division today is all about our view on morality. Our economy and culture will not survive without a moral base. Let’s all hit reset, remember, refocus back on our core beliefs and “Love our neighbor as ourselves.”

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