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Welcome to Arthur's Take!

My hope and intent is that this site will become a resource for you and your family as we navigate life together. A little about me...

My passion is to serve others. The Lord has blessed me with gifts of relationships, analytical mind, empathy, intuition and vision. I value and follow a simple formula called Q-R-S [Quality of Life / Relationships / Stewardship], which I'll share more of in later writings.

Married 40 years to the love of my life and best friend, Rachel. We grew up together and have known each other since childhood. We have one son, Anthony, who lives in Maine with his wife Trisha and our granddaughter Grace. My wife and I enjoy most weekends at our farm in middle Georgia, where we are avid gardeners and hobby beekeepers. When we are not outdoors, I enjoy writing and Rachel paints.

So glad that you and I are connecting on this written page as I share topics and life-giving stories of fun, challenge and hope. You will find that my writings focus on a variety of endearing life lessons; wisdom from my Father; poetry and family stories "Yarns & Such"; the joyful rewards of beekeeping; the richness of our spiritual lives, and more.

I hope you return often and I look forward to your comments and our conversations. Don't forget to share "Arthur's Take" with a friend or two.



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