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Old Dumas Road

Old Dumas Road is the North Border of FarrBee.

This road was a main artery to town 100 years ago. A flood in the 1940’s washed out the bridge and this part of the road has been dormant since.

We recently opened up the road to use as a second entrance. Some of the locals have shared the history of this old road. There are little pieces of our past that are keys to our future; we just have to slow down and observe.

One day recently I was taking a few quite moments on Old Dumas and coined these words below.


Old Dumas Road

Old Road

Abandoned and long forgotten

Only an aged few know your story

The flood of the 40’s knocked you out

So they say.

You’ve seen much

Many moved your artery to town

The Chaney’s and Smith’s to name a few.

Now you’re just an old logging road

Awoken for a brief moment

Now to rest again before another generation discovers you.

Old road sleep peacefully

I’ll be by on my morning walks

We’ll see this season thru together!


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