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A few months ago I was putting up a flagpole at FarrBee. As I stacked the rocks for the base I was reminded of the story of Joshua and the Israelites. After crossing the Jordan, Joshua instructed one member of each tribe to collect a rock from the riverbed. These rocks were then placed in their dwelling place as a memorial. When the children later asked, "what do these stones mean to you?" they would answer, "these stones are a memorial to remember how God cut off the water of the Jordan river for the people to cross over."

We have many memorials today: our Flag, dates like 9/11 or 12/7, wedding bands, the Christmas Tree and the cross of Christ. Do we truly remember what they stand for? Do we tell the next generation the stories of our culture and family? Who are we? Do we remember? If we do not remember the past how can we make real change today? Stop for a moment and take time to reflect on the memorials in your own life.

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