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Life Goes On

Over the years I've noticed that most of us do not know what to say to those battling illness or families dealing with grief. We make inconsiderate comments without really thinking about what we just said. One that is heard often is "Life goes on". Be careful what you say to one dealing with illness or grief. Sometimes it's better to just say we love you and pray for them. Here is my take on this phrase. May these thoughts below help all of us understand that each step each day is another part of the journey of life.

Life goes on!

Does it?

Life is a journey

It has pauses along the way

It's a path with many twists and turns

The Path of Faith

Moving from darkness to light

Thru faith we make it to the next step

Then the next

Walking ever more closer to God

He lights our way

Shines His lamp upon our feet

If we don't see it

Turn around

Resume the journey

Life goes on!

Arthur Farr 2017

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