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Growing up in the south there was always time for fellowship alongside our daily routines, from family reunions to church socials, to community gatherings, fish fries, & harvest time. At some point the men would find themselves throwing horseshoes, and the women quilting or socializing. Imparting stories was always an important ingredient of each gathering. The older men and women were avid storytellers. We heard similar stories told over and over; they were a connection to our past. Somewhere in our youth we became part of a story. Most often it was a joke played on us, or some life event that had occurred. We each began to find our own way of story-telling.

My father was the king of story-telling. In the south we call it yarning. A yarn is somewhere between the truth of a life event and a life lesson. Daddy used these stories as life lessons every step of the way. Just as Jesus taught through parables, our culture used yarns. This created a deep connection to our past, present and future. It’s amazing how much can be caught through a game of horseshoes or quilting.

Take time to remember and share your own stories. They are an important part of who you are today.

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