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Walk by the Way

Today’s world is disconnected from the promises and blessings of God. It's consumed with self and its desires. Our day is filled with distractions allowing very little room, if any, for God. We’ve been told for years that technology will improve our quality of life --- the reality is that our lives are busier. Think about the impact of smart phones & social media; we are plugged in all the time.

Busyness can be a tool of the devil. If he keeps us distracted, then there is no time for God. Our health and relationships will eventually suffer. We are simply unaware until it is too late.

Take a pause from the world – stop & reflect on the blessings of God before resuming. It’s time to listen & learn as we walk about the way with our Lord Jesus Christ. He never left us, we just need to come back to Him.

Deuteronomy 6:1-9

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