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You know you are in the country when you hear the night sound of the Whip-Poor-Will, a small bird that sings into the night and early dawn. Its sound is its name – Whip-poor-will.

My grandfather used to say they were a sign of death. He was very irritated when one chose to sing outside his old farm house. A few blasts from the shot gun, and it would move on, but always return later. I now laugh as I remember my grandfather running around in the night with a shot gun trying to shut up a little bird.

Just sitting here at Farrbee, listening to the Whip-poor-will, tons of memories from yesteryear come back to me. It’s great to remember – to reflect – it’s healthy.

We must stay connected to our past, not live in it, but remember .... so that we may learn the lessons & not repeat the same mistakes. Above all else – laugh.

Take time today to un-plug – remember & laugh.

Arthur Farr

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