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Your Story

I was blessed to grow up in a culture that thrived on its story telling. At family events, church socials or daily life the old men and women would be telling stories. These stories were repeated over and over in our life. They were an integral part of who we are. Along the way we began to tell our stories of people, places and events that impacted our life. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my own memorable events and people. Here are a few: Paul Anderson, Karl Wallenda, Charles McCartney, Virginia Carter, & Irvin Davidson.

I’ll start with my father, Floyd Theodore Farr. Daddy was the king of story tellers. He was a man’s man: 6’5” only fear in life was my mother. He was affectionately known by his friends as Ceo. He had little formal education. He invested his life in people and from his abundant encounters over the years he overflowed with stories. He taught us thru the stories of the old as we walked about our way. There were simple lessons that shaped our lives: don’t look at the end of the row focus 5 feet in front of you; moss grows on the north side of the tree, do not kill anything that you do not intend on eating. Every step was a story and life lesson.

So what is your story? Do those around really know you? Do you know yourself? When was the last time you visited the old stories and told one of your own? Take time today to remember and share.

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