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Paul Anderson - World's Strongest Man

When I was a youth, Paul Anderson was a legend. At least once a year he would speak at our school assembly. He would begin with a demonstration of his strength; a bunch of boys would pile on top of a wooden table and then Anderson picked up the table and held it over his head. Once he had completed this feat, he had our attention and would share about his two passions: a home for orphan boys in Vidalia and Jesus Christ.

Paul had humble beginnings, born in Toccoa, Georgia and reared in Vidalia. He came on the national scene in the mid-50’s when he won an Olympic Gold medal in weight lifting, beating out the Russians in 1956. During the early 60’s he turned professional in order to support his home for orphan boys. This youth home in Vidalia still serves orphans today. Many of his world records still stand. He didn't just beat records he smashed them.

Click on the link below to experience a few minutes of the World’s Strongest Man. Even though Paul Anderson was the strongest man living at that time, he was meek and always gave the glory to God.


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