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James Irvin Davidson

My grandfather died during my father's time in Korea. That role was filled by Uncle Irvin, my grandmother's brother. Our family was blessed with many great men and he was the patriarch.

From the time I could dial his phone number, I'd say "come get me." We spent many days riding the tractor, going to the markets, living the farm life and of course eating at Aunt Ruby's table. We have many fond memories of family events around the old farm: hog killins, syrup making, dove shoots, quail hunting, and fishing in the old pond.

Uncle Irvin was a God-fearing man, and just like with Daddy, every step was a life lesson. He taught as we walked about our way. We heard the stories of old times; much was caught from their lives. Many of the values that guide me today were instilled in me thru these times spent with Uncle Irvin & Aunt Ruby during my youth.

The southern culture is an oral one. We tell the stories of yesteryear so that the next generation can remember why we are here and know where they are going. Take time to listen to the saints and family patriarchs. Learn their stories and share them with those around you.

Whose life are you impacting today for their tomorrow?

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